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We want all of our guests to have an enjoyable camping experience, just not at the expense of other guests.
  • All accommodations are for 2 adults (age 17 or over), 2 dependent children (16 and under) and 1 dog. There is an additional daily fee of $10 per adult or $5 per dependent child (between the ages of 6 and 16) and $2.50 per dog.

  • Check in is 1:00 pm and check out is 11:00 am. No check ins after 9 pm. Checking out late may result in a fee of $10 per hour.

  • The gate is closed and locked at 10:00 pm and will reopen at 7:00 am. 

  • We understand camping plans may need to change.  If possible, we will ask if you would like to move your stay to another date during the season.  If you have booked a one week or more stay prior to March 3, 2024, you will not be able to shorten your stay.  If there is someone on the waitlist, they will receive priority to accept or decline that week. To receive a partial refund (minus a cancellation fee of $25 plus GST), we must receive notification 7 DAYS OR MORE PRIOR TO YOUR FIRST NIGHT RESERVED. All cancellations require notice by email. If your cancellation is received within 7 DAYS OR LESS OF YOUR FIRST NIGHT RESERVED, your deposit will NOT be refunded.   

  • If you NO SHOW for your reservation, you will be charged the entire balance of your booked stay.

  • Only ONE accommodation unit is permitted on a campsite (unless prior approval has been provided by management.  Additional fees apply). If room permits, a small tent may also be set up.

  • Only ONE vehicle is permitted per campsite. If room permits at the site, additional vehicles will be subject to a $5.00 charge per night.  If there is not sufficient room for additional vehicles, parking is available by the office at no additional charge.   Parking is NOT permitted on roadways.

  • All visitors must register at the office and a day use fee of $5 per person will be charged to your account. Visitors must park in the designated parking area by the office and must be off the property by 10:00 pm. Maximum of 6 visitors at a time. 

  • The campground owners are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

  • Please respect the privacy of fellow campers and do not walk through their campsites.

  • Quiet hours are between 11:00 pm and 8:00 am. Music is not permitted after 10:00 pm. Loud music is not permitted at any time. 

  • Quiet generators may be used intermittently, but guests must cease the use of generators between 8:00 pm and 8:00 am.  Management has the right to ask you to shut off your generator if it the noise or exhaust is impacting other guests. 

  • Fireworks are not permitted.

  • Campfires are permitted unless there is a fire ban in the area. All campfires must be supervised by an adult and contained within the fire ring. Please fully extinguish your campfire before you leave the site and before you go to bed.  Campfires are not permitted on the beach or any other area of the property where a fire ring is not provided.

  • We are a pet friendly campground. We ask that they remain on their leash at all times and owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. and that you clean up any Out of respect for fellow campers, dogs barking excessively and/or causing a disturbance, aggressive or showing signs of aggression will be asked by management to be removed from the property. Each site has a maximum of 3 dogs (additional fees apply).

  • Place all garbage in the garbage containers provided by 9 pm each night. Please keep the campsite clean for the enjoyment of all and store all food inside your vehicle.  Bears, crows and mice can become a problem when food and garbage are not properly stored.  Please do not feed the wildlife (even if they are cute).

  • Prior to checking out, please leave your campsite clean from garbage, cigarette butts, pet deposits, sunflower and nut shells. Do not leave garbage in your firepit.  If your site contains garbage or damage is found, a cleanup fee of $25 will be added to your reservation. If painting on the picnic table, we ask to bring a tablecloth with you.

  • Although we anticipate that this will not be an issue, we want to be clear that we have a zero-tolerance policy around any forms of abuse towards fellow campers, staff, management and our property.    In the event any guest has caused a disturbance, is threatening, severely intoxicated, disrespecting any other person, and/or the property, and/or any other reason management feels is abusive, they will be asked to leave immediately.  No refund will be provided, and they will be asked to not return to our property in the future.  We aim to offer a positive camping experience to all of our guests and we will not tolerate anyone ruining someone’s camping experience.  

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