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What is better than a specialty coffee and fresh baked goodie by the river? We wanted to be able to offer this fun experience and convenience to our guests and those looking to take a nice drive and visit our property.


We have changed things up a bit and have moved from our Coffee and Treat Wagon and into our new digs.  Our Coffee and Treat Shack is inspired by my father, Oliver.   Growing up, my dad had a little grocery store just outside of Prince Rupert, BC.  My dad loved to chat with his regular customers over coffee in his store.  His legacy continues as now I am the one chatting with our guests over coffee.  Pretty awesome.  

We learned that coffee tastes much better when you are camping and when someone else makes it for you.  Come by and check out our organic coffee from Atlin Mountain Coffee Roasters.   We will also have bags of coffee on hand for you to take home and enjoy.  Pair your coffee with a delicious freshly baked treat.  All of our baked treats are from some pretty amazing local bakers.  We have fresh cinnamon buns and muffins from Bread and Buttercream Bakery, Scones and camper cookies from The Cookie Attic.  Absolutely delicious!

On those hot days or if you are having a craving for something to cool you off, come in and see our selection of hard ice cream.  We have 8 fabulous flavors served in a dish, sugar cone, waffle cone and floats.  Did you know that ice cream tastes so much better by the river? We will be bringing back ice cream starting June 8th!

Just because you are camping, does not mean that you need to go without your morning latte or other favorite coffee treat.  We are now offering hot and cold specialty coffee beverages such as lattes, cappuccinos, espresso  and we have a few warm drinks for the little ones.  We use the best wood roasted organic Espresso Blend from Atlin Mountain Coffee Roasters. Watch us on our Facebook and Instagram page to keep posted on some of our fabulous coffee treats.

Treat Shack Hours

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We are excited to announce that Atlin Mountain Coffee Roasters will be roasting our very own coffee.  This coffee is rich in flavor, smooth and reminds you of being outdoors.


Salmon Valley Campground Riverside Blend is now available at our Coffee and Treat Bar.

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coffee wagon latte
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Coffee Bar
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