Some of our best memories are of camping.  A time to step away from the day-to-day life and into a place of relaxation, connection, laughter and fun.

When we came across the opportunity to buy a campground, we thought...why not?  Everything we needed to make this happen fell into place and there was something about this adventure that felt incredibly right.  As we love camping so very much, we wanted to create a space for others to have an incredible camping experience. Life is about the adventure, and far too short to hold ourselves back from enjoying all that it has to offer.

We are the Carpino Family, Frank, Bobbi and our daughter, Sofia.  We are excited to share our beautiful property with you, and our hope, is that you will enjoy every moment that you are here and return home feeling recharged.  We truly want you to have an incredible camping experience. 

2018 was our first camping season, and we were blown away at the support we received.  Thank you to all of our guests for making it and incredible last three seasons.

This year we will be entering our fourth camping season here on the property and maneuvering through what another season will look like during COVID-19.  Your safety, the safety of our staff and family are very important to us.  Please monitor our updates.


We continue to make improvements to the property and your experience.  Stay tuned for some exciting announcements of upcoming events, workshops and improvements.  We will do our very best to ensure that you have a wonderful experience and that will keep you coming back.   

We look forward to meeting you.

The Carpino Family


We are passionate about providing a natural space to unwind, connect with nature and those you are with, leaving with camping 

memories that will last a lifetime.