Lifestyle Photography

Bobbi creates and captures beautiful moments on her gorgeous 23 acre riverside property and outdoor studio.  Each season, the property offers a gorgeous backdrop to her sessions with her clients.  Over the years, Bobbi has been drawn to creating authentic images and loves capturing the true essence of her clients and their love for one another. Through session planning, Bobbi will walk you through what to wear, and creating an experience that will be attached to the images you receive. Bobbi not only creates photographs, but offers packages that includes beautiful video included in an emotionally powerful show, that will keep drawing you back into this beautiful memory.

As a passionate camper and campground host, Bobbi knows that your camping experience is filled with wonderful memories.  She will be happy to tag along and capture these fun moments.  She has now created a Camping Lifestyle Package that will capture these moments.

If you would like to learn more about how Bobbi can capture you, a special someone in your life or your family, send her a message at the link below.